Due to unprecedented challenges created by a growing inventory of mature producing assets, extreme commodity price volatility and mounting global concern over GHG and methane emissions, today’s upstream oil and gas industry must seek and embrace new ways of doing routine jobs. Innovation and technology are the keys to the industry’s continued success.

Winterhawk Well Abandonment was established to conceive, develop and commercialize new approaches to assist oil and gas developers improve the economics and profitability of their new, existing and mature production operations. Winterhawk offers technologies in wellbore operations; mature asset retirement; annular communication and surface leakage; contaminated site reclamation; methane and GHG emissions reduction.

Headquartered in the oil and gas development and technology hub of Calgary, Alberta, Winterhawk draws upon the Canadian industry’s extensive domain knowledge in all aspects of hydrocarbon exploitation, recovery and innovation. Because of Canada’s diverse production asset base – from shallow gas to heavy oil to offshore – and climatic and operating extremes, if it will work in Canada it will work anywhere.

Winterhawk’s Polymer-Modified Asphalt Tool (PMAT) is the first major advancement in sealing mature wellbores for abandonment in decades. The PMAT provides the most permanent wellbore seal in history, both inside and outside the casing.

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For the first time wellbore casing can serve as more than just a barrier between the inside and the outside of wellbore. Winterhawk’s Casing Expansion Technology (CET) can be employed for annular sealing, zone isolation and improved sealing of casing within casing.

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Cleaning and reclaiming mature producing locations are major and increasingly costly obligations of producers. The prevailing methodology for “remediation” simply involves collecting contaminated soil and moving it to another location such as a landfill, and replacing it with clean material. 

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